Nèigōng: Martial Qìgōng for Internal Power

The traditional Chinese art of Nèi-gōng is the key to developing more qì (energy) and maximizing your circulation. Continual practice of Nèigōng is a process of internal alchemy resulting in…
YMAA London – Chin Na

Classes suspended

Due to Corona virus situation our classes are suspended till further notice.Hope to see you soon on training.

Tai Chi classes suspended

St Johns Youth & Community Centre – Our Tai Chi classes suspended due to major building works.

Chinese Martial Arts quiz

Hi, we created 12 questions quiz about Chinese Martial Arts – some are difficult, some are funny. Hope you will enjoy 🙂 Here is a link:
Master baner

About Dr. Yang

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is an acclaimed author and teacher of Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chin Na grappling, and a leading authority on Qigong (Chi Kung). Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming was…