Master Yang

Dear YMAA Family & Friends,

I’ve created a message board for Master Yang & his family in honor of YMAA’s 40th anniversary. This will be presented as a slideshow to the Yangs during a banquet on Sept 25th. Additionally, it will be printed as either a poster or book for Master Yang to keep. If you’d like to post a message OR edit your post, you can do so until: Wednesday, Sept 21st

Jwing-Ming Yang’s Kudoboard | Kudoboard

Gift for Master Yang – YMAA Boston & YMAA Wu An are fortunate to have Master Yang in town this month and we’re hosting a banquet to celebrate. During the banquet, we’ll present Master Yang with a cash gift to show our appreciation for all he has given to the YMAA community and beyond. (Cash gifts are customary in Chinese culture.) If you’d like to make a contribution, please send a donation via this link:


Banquet details & registration:


Michelle Lin