Tai Chi Dictionary

Tai Chi Dictionary for Beginners

This Tai Chi dictionary is designed to assist beginners in understanding the fundamental expressions and concepts of Tai Chi, providing concise explanations for key terms to facilitate their journey into…
Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

YMAA’s 40th anniversary (1st Oct 2022)

Dear YMAA Family & Friends, I’ve created a message board for Master Yang & his family in honor of YMAA’s 40th anniversary. This will be presented as a slideshow to…
Da Mo – Qigong

Qigong Training (YMAA North)

YMAA North is extending Qigong training in Autumn 2022 to include the Yi Jin Jing – Da Mo’s muscle/tendon changing classic – one of many forms of Qigong known to…
YMAA North Uk – 1st Part of Form

Tai Chi classes at YMAA North

YMAA North is taking a short break while students enjoy their summer holidays.  Classes resume on 7 September 2022.  Time and place are unchanged – St Werburgh’s and St Columba’s Primary…
YMAA North Uk – 1st Part of Form

New Director at YMAA North!

Martin Evans succeeds Michael McCann as director and head instructor of YMAA North.  Martin is a 3rd Rank graded member of YMAA with more than 20 years’ experience of practising Chinese…
YMAA North Uk – 1st Part of Form

Tai Chi classes (Chester) resume

Great news!  Our Tai Chi classes at Chester will resume on Wednesday, 15 September 2021.  We look forward to training again with all our members.  Anyone who’s new to Tai…
YMAA North UK – WTCD 2018 I25

Tai Chi classes close

The YMAA Liverpool school has now closed due to major building works and other factors.
Tai Chi Ealing class

YMAA Orientsport – classes resumed

Hello, great news!!! From Monday (2nd of August 2021) our classes resumed. In location (bigger, even huge hall, new schedule). Please check details here. Hope to see you on training 🙂